Apple share is 4th for notebooks and 5th for desktops


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Bloomberg provided March 2007 marketshare numbers from the NPD Group.

It revealed that for March 2007, Apple was ranked 4th for notebook sales (9.9%), 5th for Desktop sales (7.7%), and #1 for MP3 Player Sales (68.9%).

BetaNews provides a historical perspective on these numbers.

Apple’s 9.9% marketshare brings Apple back into the top 5 notebook retailers after it had dropped out in February. Apple’s notebook marketshare had been as high as 10.1%, however, in January of this year. The 7.7% Desktop marketshare, however, does represent the first time Apple has placed in the top 5 desktop retailers.

The MP3 marketshare, however, was a decline for Apple, who lost marketshare to SanDisk and Creative.

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