64GB Solid State Drive


By the way, according to “ParisLemon”:http://www.parislemon.com/2007/11/64-gb-solid-state-drive-macbook-pro.html you don’t have to wait. You can actually get a 64GB solid state drive for any computer. !>http://bp0.blogger.com/_AxkcVrlp8Qc/RzaKagomB1I/AAAAAAAACUo/s9K9FTim0Ho/s400/Picture+4.png!

“Ryan Block”:http://www.ryanblock.com/2007/11/the-first-macbook-pro-with-a-64gb-ssd/ cracked a PC with a solid state drive and stuffed the drive into a Macbook Pro. It is too bad that the “Samsung”:http://www.engadget.com/2007/11/08/samsungs-6 4gb-sata-ii-ssd-drive-hands-on/ Solid State Drives aren’t available to end users yet. I’d take one and put it into every Macbook I have. They were smart and package it exactly like a 2.5″ and 1.8″ regular hard drive.

What’s more, the “128GB”:http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/06/samsung-128gb-sata-ssd-now-official/ drives are coming. At that level, they really will rival hard disks for storage.

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