OK, it took some time to realize that my backup of the original tongfamily.com on MovableType were incomplete. I didn’t get anything from the old root directory that was past index.php (strange since I don’t recall deleting anything from the original share, but somehow all kinds of things are missing). In any case, all the old content is now up on this site. You can find it at https://www.tongfamily.com/mt.index.php and all the links should be there. If you are really clever, you can find the links to the original site from 1994 which used FrontPage.

You have to be smart than me as I can’t quite figure out where the main page for that went, but the old links are there still presumably being indexed by something. Anyway, the MovableType site is now closed for comments as of March 2nd and all the new content is in WordPress which you can get just at www.tongfamily.com.

The original MT 3.32 site is still around for about a month at richtong.org

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