Blackberry 8300 for Laptop Internet Connection


While it took me four days to get the iPhone working, getting the Blackberry to be an internet modem took just about 30 minutes. The instructions are superarcane and it is technically illegal as you need a data plan above the Blackberry plan. So either don't surf too much or get the additional plan from AT&T. But, here is what you need to do according to "":

# Get the Blackberry 8300 script from "site":
# Install it in /Library/Modem Scripts
# Got to Manage Connection/Bluetooth and make sure discoverable is on
# On you Mac go to System Settings/Bluetooth and choose Setup New Device...
# Select Other Device and the Blackberry should display enter a PIN for Apple MacBook
# The Mac OS X should display the Pin and you type it in and you are connected
# Now choose setup modem and select Other and you will see Blackberry 8300
# The tricky part is you have to type in the magic options listed below which are really unintuitive

| | T-mobile | AT&T |
| phone number |
| user name |
| password |

Am I the only one who thinks it is wierd that a phone number is actually a domain name?

In any case, you can then choose connect and you are in. You will get blacklisted by AT&T if you use too much data as I mentioned before.

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