Wow, my iPhone got wedged with the Apple logo coming up and then the spinning wheel going on forever. This is apparently fairly common and there are not “many”: good resolutions for “error (6)”: or “unknown error (-50)”:

All the resolutions come down it seems to a single thing:

# Get the iPhone into what is called DFU or restore mode. What you do is hold down the home button in the front and the on/off at the stop for 25 seconds at least. The phone will go off and then the Apple logo comes on. Release the on/off at the top and keep holding the front button for forever. Eventually, a screen with a Apple connector and the iTunes logo comes on. You have to do this multiple times and it is unclear why, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
# Connect it to your computer and start iTunes, you should see the message, “iPhone in recovery mode” and it should popup with a single button highlighted that says Update. You run through it and pray.
# Sometimes you’ll get error(6), other times error(-50). It is unclear what these messages mean. You can try lots of times and Apple also suggest deleting all the iSync information (start iSync and select in Preferences, the delete sync history), updating to the latest iTunes. And trying to do this from another USB port, another admin account, another computer. All of this by the way seems like people who don’t understand just trying random stuff. In any case, I finally got to a new computer and after three tries, got the restore to work.

So don’t give up!

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