Wiki markup


Each Wiki has a different shorthand for HTML unfortunately. "Splitbrain": does a good job of comparing them and they aren't the same at all. Some relevant ones for Wikka Wiki are:


~quoted text
%%source code%%
----- _Gives you a horizontal rule_ should work as a URL automatically
[[ Tongfamily]]

Then they are very smart on lists, so wikka wiki knows that a tab or a ~ followed by an item is a list

1) item 1
2) item 2

Will generate a list while a tab and a dash (-) means unordered list

- item 1
- item 2

Tables are a little more complicated

{{table columns="2" cellpadding="1" cells="1;2;3;4"}}
cell1data; cell2data; cell3data; cell4data;

{{image url="/image/file.jpg"}}

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