Another book recommendation by John. This is a series about multiple alternative worlds. Chrestomanci - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Chrestomanci is the title of a powerful enchanter with the responsibility of regulating magic usage in a set of parallel universes including our own world. The Chrestomancis are unique in that they have nine lives. This is because while most people have "doubles" across nine worlds, a potential Chrestomanci has no doubles. It is a government job, and each Chrestomanci is responsible for locating and training his or her successor. The word "Chrestomanci" may be derived from the Greek khrestos, meaning "useful," and -mancy, "divination."

The books are in publishing order:

* Charmed Life
* The Magicians of Caprona
* The Lives of Christopher Chant
* Conrad's Fate
* The Pinhoe Egg
* Witch Week


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