Lamp-free DLP


Another example of why buying a projector now is hard. The big news is that projectors are moving to LEDs which means no more bulbs and lots less power. If you can hang on until this fall, I'd suggest waiting for next generation of projectors that are all solid-state.

(Sad to say this is the same recommendation as for notebooks which are also going all solid state)

TI shows protoype Lamp-Free DLP projector

Texas Instruments has introduced the industry's first Home Theater lamp-free projector, utilizing a PhlatLight LED light source and a BrilliantColor DLP. In addition to expanded color and contrast performance, the illumination system has an incredibly long life and offers up to 30% lower power usage and, most significantly, hundreds of dollars in savings from lamp purchases. Several manufactures have plans to develop DLP lamp-free LED-based projectors with units expected to ship in late 2008

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