MacBook Air Disk problems and how to Remote Bookt


Well, when my machine was freezing, I was used to Windows so my first thought was, uh oh, the hard disk is crashing. Ran Disk Utility and it asked me to Repair the disk with the installation Mac OS X. First note, you should always have this DVD with you whereever you go (I didn't), since it does things that the operating system can't do.

Second, pray your SuperDrive doesn't get erratic and won't turn on. Mine did this exactly.

Third, you can actually "remote boot": from any Windows machine if you have that magic OS X installation DVD. it is a little arcane, but as "Apple": lays out you:

# you basically find another Mac or Windows machine.
# On a Mac, you then run _/Applications/Utilities/Remote Install Mac OS X_
# On a Windows machine, you insert the Mac OS X Install Disc 1 and choose _Remote Install Mac OS X from the Install Assistant
# Click continue twice and then choose the network connection, either AirPort for wifi or Ethernet if you are using the USB Ethernet Adapter on your MBA
# Restart start your MBA and hold the Option key during start up.
# From here you can run Disk Utility from your remote install disk.