MacBook Air Trackpad Button sticks


I don't know what happened. The trackpad button now sticks. Was fine, then a long trip and suddenly it breaks. Anyway the trackpad button is like a teeter totter. You can press the left side it does a click, but the button doesn't come up. If you press the right side, it drops on that side.

Feels like a mechanical issue where the spring isn't quite right. No google posts I can find of someone with this kind of defect. Off to Apple Store I go.

2 Replies to “MacBook Air Trackpad Button sticks”

  1. This issue just started happening to me, coincidentally also during a long trip. Were you able to find out what the problem was?

    1. Yes, I went to the Apple Store to check it out and it turns out that there was a mechanical problem. The lid was pushing down on the trackpad and the little spring failed. Thank goodness for Apple and their 3-year warranty. Anyway, this resolved it.

      Of course the new macs don’t have buttons anymore, so haven’t had the problem since 🙂

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