Digital Picture Frames and HD DVRs


You can tell Cedia must be in full swing. !<! Been thinking about getting one for dear old Dad. At they show the Sony VGF-CP1.

It is $300 has has a 7-inch 800x480 widescreen. Support Picasa streaming, has an SD/CF card reader, built-in speakers, internet radio and digital clock. So, it really is the clock radio/picture frame of the future. Nice gift for anyone

Also if you've got satellite, get the "TiVo HD XL": which is $600 but has 150 hours on the disk (vs. 5 hours on my Comcast Motorola one). And it is a TiVo too so way easier to use than Microsoft TV. In theory you can use it with Digital Cable, but I'm sur that is hard!

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