Sending Text messages to China


Skype claims they do it, but it seems unreliable. You can send for big dollars from AT&T cell phones, but is there a way to do it for free?

Shanghaiist: China Mobile launches new IM: Free SMS

For a limited time, China Mobile (all you 134-139, 158, 159 people) is offering free SMS service with just one string attached: download its new instant messenger client, 飞信/Feixin/Fetion (Chinese for “flymail”). 飞信/Feixin/Fetion is the site. It is PC only though.

Phone Card, Cellular (Cell) Phone Mobile Phone Short Message Service (SMS)

With an eCallChina Account, you can apparently from their website also do this.

* Get order history (PIN#)
* Send mobile phone short message to China

Free SMS text messages from your iPhone and iPhone 3G!

Here’s an interesting way to use your mobile email application to send and receive free SMS text messages without AT&T’s help:

* Create a new email
* The “To:” field should be filled out with your SMS text message target’s phone number followed by “” Something like this -
* Tap out your text message and send it out.
* The message will be sent to the phone number that you entered preceding “”
* Any text message replies will be sent to your email address.

Free SMS text messages from your iPhone and iPhone 3G!

Alternatively, you can use the TxtDrop web-app to send free SMS text messages. Simply point your iPhone Safari browser to go about your merry text messaging way! [This only works for US and there is no way to receive]

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