Amazing Day


LA, Boston and NYC were all beautiful this week. LA had clear weather. I’ll post some photos. Found some great hotels as well, the “Nine Zero”: is in Beacon Hill hotel that is small and convenient. Better than the mega Marriott.

Also in NYC, the “Empire”: is on the upper west side. Way funner neighborhood than the Upper East. Near Rosas which is an incredible Mexican place. The best part is the 12th story bar that looks over the West Side. So cool looking, I thought I was in Shanghai 🙂 The location is awesome. Across from Lincoln Center and one block from Central Park. The pool looked great but too tired.

Overall tiring, but what an amazingly beautiful day on the east coast. I’ll try to post, but I’m just glad the web site is back. The problem is I had something called autotagger loaded which looked for keywords. When it got to 5000 keywords, it got slow and bluehost disabled my site. So now I’m manually deleting 5000 tags. Will take a long time!

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