Shanghai Eats

Some places i’ve been to this go around:

  • DR Bar. Incredibly hard to find, next to Ye Shanghai in Xintiandi. It is a minimalist bar that is quiet in the noise of Xintiandi. 4PM-1AM. I actually liked the selection of whiskeys.
  • 100 Century Avenue Restaurant. I thought this place would be more like Ye Cafe where you buffet. But instead, it is on the 91st floor with amazing views and then lots of separate kitchens. It is so tall, the Bund (Waitan) actually looks tiny. Great cuisines. The fois gras was good as was the lobster. The chinese stuff is great.
  • 100 Century Avenue Bar. On the same floor on the Bund side. They allow smoking which is great if you are in the mood 🙂

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