Playstation 3

Hey, these Playstation’s are pretty cool. They need lots of accessories though. Seem to be two flavors 40GB and 80GB. Then there are accessories:

* Playsttion 3. Comes in two version 20, 40, 60, 80 and 160GB version. 80GB $400 MSRP with Dualshock. “Best Buy”: Best Buy looks like the place.
* Wireless Controller. Dualshock 3 and SixAxis without the dualshock. So you want the Dualshock3 which costs $50 according to “Pricegrabber”: from CompUSA
* Blu-ray remote control so you can use it like a Blu Ray player it is for $20 from “Pricegrabber”:

And there are of curse the “”: view of the best games to buy:

* Fallout 3
* Call of Duty. World at War. $45 from Costco
* “Mirror’s Edge”:
* Pro Evolutio Soccer 2009
* Tomb Raider Underwold
* SingStar Abba

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  1. jhludwig Avatar

    If you need a bluray player, why would you buy anything else? it does totally suck that bluetooth is the only remote protocol — good luck making it work with a universal remote. Mirror’s Edge is cool looking and a nice change from your typical shooter. Shaun White’s snowboarding game got trashed in reviews but snowboarding is always fun

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