Cooking Tools


Well, a good summary of places to get the best cooking stuff:

# Metro Kitchens. Best prices for All Clad Stainless Steel. Unbelievably expensive, but reviews show that this stainless lasts a lifetime. It’s really true. Also their 8″ non-stick omelet pan is recommended and reasonable compared with the French Omelet Pan.
# BBQ Tools. Best BBQ cleaning tools for $13. You can also get at University Village. The Grill Wizard Brush.
# Chef’s Resource. $25 for the Vollrath Cookie Sheets. $100 gets you free shipping.
# Cutlery and More. Amazingly a $25 Victorix Fibro Chef’s Knife is the winner. The new Wustuf Grand Prix II actually performed worse than the original. Wustuf used to be my favorite. Althought the Wustuf break knife is still great. You can also get it from
# Braun Mx2050. A $45 blender is apparently the best.
# Cusinart 5.5 Quart Stand Mixer. At $300, it is expensive, but can do just about anything including cookie dough.
# Kitchenaid 750 12 cup, 750 watt. $200 with $30 rebate

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