Well, finally got one because of John and Jon. It’s a pretty neat product. If only I weren’t so tired all the time that I can’t read. The screen could be bigger and i don’t see why the keyboard has to be so big. Also why doesn’t it play games???

In any case, to get free Kindle books, look at

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  1. masonfl Avatar

    Hey Rich. I bought a Kindle 2. I find that I’m buying more books but that I’m also not finding some of the books I want which is a bit frustrating. The always-on wireless is an incredible feature. As you say, the screen could be bigger. I have only used the keyboard a handful of times. Perhaps a virtual keyboard someday if e-ink can somehow support it. The best case for Kindle is travel. Last thing I want to do is lug more than a book or two on a plane to Europe or Asia. I load documents from my PC onto the Kindle for reading on the plane vs. laptop (to save battery and smaller form factor) or print. Did you know you can email docs to your Kindle for 10 cents?

    1. rich Avatar

      I think everyone wants the Kindle to be touchscreen with 25M iPhones and iPod Touches out there, it is kind of the default interfact. This emailing of docs I have to try. The way it works is strange though. Why doesn’t the Kindle recognize it is a general purpose device and just have email client, web browser and MP3 player and most importantly third party games. I like it, but don’t understand why it isn’t like the iPhone a device where the book is the entry point, but if you are going to carry it, expand. The MP3 player for instance doesn’t even have a user interface. How wierd is that!?

  2. jhludwig Avatar

    there is a super pathetic minesweeper implementation built in. alt-m on the home screen or something like that. you won’t enjoy it long. i think the keyboard is big because a) you can only get e-ink screens in the size provided and b) the device had to be so big for other reasons, so what the hell, fill the space with a keyboard. i rarely use the keyboard as i do all my shopping on the pc.

    1. rich Avatar

      Minesweeper, how can it be pathetic. But amazing they don’t have Kindle games and Kindle music. If I were doing this, if e-ink is small, make it smaller. I don’t use the keyboard either. Also why can’t it be a keyboard style rather than vertical rows. You are right. i just like the thing as small as possible.

    2. rich Avatar

      Why do they make all these other funcations so hard ot find?

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