Mac File compare and sync


Now that I keep music and new photos on my local machine, I also need to sync these files up to a server. Thats because I’m constantly changing things. So looking for something as good as beyond compare on Windows. Looked before, but never found anything. Google search for mac os x directory compare led me to:

Smart Synchronize


Trying them both now…both are slow

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2 Replies to “Mac File compare and sync”

  1. well i tried this thing. i’ve used beyondcompare, beyondcompare is a good friend of mine, this thing is no beyondcompare

    1. I agree. For one thing it is sooo slow. I’m confused about why it is so hard to do. Main thing is the user interface is kind of clunky compared with beyondcompare. I’m tempted to just run beyond from a windows eeePC to do this. It is very, very fast on SMB access, much be working really efficiently.

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