Compact Flash tests

I lost a Transcend 16GB 300x card. I’m sooo sad. Not only did it cost $$$, but it was absolutely filled with photos I had not yet downloaded.

Sportsphotoguy is one of the few folks who are actually texting these high end cards. These very fast cards do make a difference in performance. And most of the manufacturers specs are meaningless, so here are his tests, so here is his list. I had previously used the San Disk Extreme III which is a 20MBps card and the Transcend which is a 24MBps card.

In my Canon 5D Mark II, the question is what transfer mode it is using. These are with the fast UDMA 4.0. Here is a list of the card, their maximum frames per second on a Nikon D300 and the overall throughput when connected to a computer:

  • San Disk Extreme IV.  6.3 fps, 28MBps
  • Sony UDMA 300x. 5.5 fps, 24MBps
  • PNY Optima Pro.  5,  24.
  • Transcend 300x UDMA. 5,  24.
  • Lexar Pro UDMA. 6, 23.
  • Pretec 433x. 5.5fps,  23
  • ATP Pro Max II UDMA. 5, 22.
  • Pretec 333x. 5, 22
  • Lexar Professional 233x. 5,  21
  • A-Data Turbo 350x. 5, 20

The SanDisk Extreme IV is the best quality at $203, for a limited time a buydig you get a $60 rebate in the form of a visa card that is prepaid. But you have to mail it in etc.

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