I’m actually at a computer typing. Which I never do anymore. Too much time reading everything on the the iPhone, but here are some quick reviews of things:

Nightlife in Seattle. A buddy asked me about this, it sure ain’t NYC or LA and there are no online reviews, but it looks like the dance club trio are Venom, Trinity and Ibiza and the order really seems to vary.

Digital photo frames. These are too ubiquitous to review. I got a set for $50 each at Costco and they were terrible. Screens were so dim, you couldn’t see a thing. Samsung SPF-87H might be better. 1GB internal memory, powered by USB cable, 8″ screen and 500:1 contrast for $130. To me, I’d pay a little more. Also, it can be a secondary monitor for your computer.

Compact projectors. BenQ GP1 Mini Projector is the first one that uses LEDs and no lamps. It is just 1.4lb and is $500. So great for the office for portable movie watching! At these prices, just buy one.

Wireless router. Verizon MiFi 2200 for $100 and then $60/month you get 5GB of bandwidth on the Verizon network. The little credit card thing is a Wifi hotspot that let’s you have wifi just about anywhere and you don’t need to put a goofy card in your laptop. Just turn the thing on and keep it in your backpack. Amazing device in that it is battery powered and amazingly it really works.

Final aside for a digital movie project, I had to go back to an old 15″ MacBook Pro. I had forgotten how much I really like the higher quality screen that are on the MBPs and MBAs vs. the MacBook. Sign. The 13″ screen is OK and great for normal use, but once you get use to the brightness and color quality of the higher end ones, it is hard to go back. Still, the MB is better than 99% of other notebooks out there 🙂

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