Aerobeds and other useful stuff


Random list of useful home things for the summer 🙂

Aerobed’s are really useful when there are guests. Nice that it is raised and also that it has its own pump 🙂

Waring Pro WMK300 makes really amazing Belgian waffles. The thing beeps six times when it is ready, put the batter in flip and then wait for it to beep 3 times at setting 4. Out come perfect golden waffles 🙂

Mophie juice pack air. The new iPhone 3G S apparently lasts 30% longer. But my 3G really won’t last 4 hours if it is used at all. Even with 3G switched off. The juice pack air is a sleeve that fits around with a battery that doubles life. $80 so it’s expensive, but really the only solution.

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