Some more cool places I forgot from last trip

Lac Thai. Terrific Thai food. Get up to the third floor. Take your shoes off. Make sure to have the soup as the main course.

Ciao. Coffee shop. Again the third floor is really comfortable. Across from Sun Wha

Quan an ngon. Amazing traditional Vietnamese food. Across from Presidential Palace. Little stalls all around. So bring your camera. Hot though no sitcom. 138 Nam Ku Khoi Nghia +84-8-38257179

Q.home Saigon Center. Has nice min long porcelain pieces. Good for souvenirs.

Villa romain. Bring your camera. In district 2. Italian food on the Saigon river. How cool is that. Pretty evening dining and the sunset is good

QD. Near Sun Wah. On 3rd floor above Rustic. Good wine bar

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