A list of things I’ve always wanted to fix things…

iTwinge. This is a ittle sleeve you stick over your iPhone that gives you a real keyboard. Kind of a cool idea.

FRAGnStein. This is a wireless mouse for a PS3. Really good for those of us from the PC who like the mouse for FPS games. I really don’t like the thumb controller

Jabra HALO. This is a really slick looking bluetooth headset that let’s you listen to music wireless. Works with iPhone and looks great for working out. Cnet liked it. With multiuse, it connects to both a PC and a phone so you can answer either your phone or Skype. Most importantly the mike works well and it sounds good. Its great for using an iPhone on a treadmill or in the gym. It definitely has bugs. The volume control is unreliable

MoGo Talk. A Bluetooth headset that is very flat with a backpack for your iPhone. It chrages from it.

Mophie Juice Pack wraps around an iPhone and has a battery inside. The juick pack air is super thin and the regular juick pack doubles battery life. Engadget liked it. Main strangeness is that to charge the juice pack itself, you use micro USB to regular USB to connect it to the computer. For a little more bulk the Juick Pack 3G doubles the life.

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