We picked up a new iMac core i5. Man is that 27″ screen wonderful and it is fast. Now for another $200, you get about 5% more performance with the core i7 πŸ™‚ Only thing missing is a Bluray drive…It basically shows the new iMac Core i5 is twice as fast as a mid-2009 MacBook which is great as it means our video editing is going to be faassttt…

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Boy Genius Report posts a supposed leak of Apple’s forthcoming Black Friday sale items. Among the discounted items are iMacs ($101 off), MacBook Pros ($51-$101 off), iPod nanos ($11 off), and iPod touches ($21-$41 off).

More Quad-Core iMac Benchmarks Show Substantial Performance Gains – Mac Rumors

Speedmark is Macworld Lab’s standard test tool for benchmarking new and upgraded systems running Mac OS X. It uses real-world applications and everyday tasks. It is a general-purpose suite that includes tasks everyone from a high-end user to a new user performs every day.

Macworld Lab follows a detailed script to perform the 17 tasks. Each task is performed three times. We compare the results to a 2.13GHz MacBook with 2GB RAM (Mid 2009), which is assigned a score of 100. We then take the geometric mean of the normalized scores.

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