OK, some more recommendations.

Mythos SSA-50 is a single bar that projects surround sound. Nice because it is wall mounted and good if you don’t want wires going to the back speakers.

TiVo HD. I have an HD XL which is $400. Just never use 1TB worth of disk space. The $250 HD seems fine for most uses. About 20 hours of HD programming. Since it includes Netflix viewing, the only thing really missing is Comcast On Demand. And you need a CableCard as well. The lifetime service is $400 additional or $300 for 3-year, which seems pretty good compared with the incremental $15/month ($15×12 = $180 per year for a Comcast DVR). The three year cost analysis is $250 plus $300 = $550 vs. 3 x $180 = $540 so it is about the same, but you get On Demand from Comcast but a much Netflix and a better user interface from TiVo.

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