If you don’t want to get locked into AT&T (which I don’t!!!!), then you can buy an unlocked phone from Canada, use it overseas (yeah!) and also go with T-Mobile or whoever. It actually makes some sense given the lockin that these guys have. I lost $1,000 alone this month just on a month of data roaming with AT&T, so it can payback very fast.

Tomorrow Canada will start selling unlocked phones according to CNBC, it will be pretty reasonable. About $637 plus tax vs. $200 for a locked phone with a two year commitment…

CBC News, that’ll be $659 for 16GB, $779 for 32GB, and $549 for the 8GB iPhone 3GS. All Canadian dollars, of course — the US conversion would be about $637 / $753 / $530, respectively.

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