Great week in Desolation Sound


Can't thank the folks at Desolatation Sound Yacht Charter enough, they are the closest sailboat charter to Desolation Sound. Their chart briefing alone is worth it.

Getting there is a little hard. Either take Kenmore Air up to Campbell River and then Sky High Shuttle down, but seems a waste. Too bad Campbell River doesn't have a yacht charter. You can also charter a seaplane to Comox direclty, but that is expensive. In the end, the cheapest way might be seaplane to Victoria and then rent a car up there.

In terms of places to go, the Tuba Wildnest Resort is amazing. What an incredible view. And in terms of staying, the Seattle Yacht Club has a terrific outstation on Cortes Island and the Cove Restaurant in Squirrel Cove is delicious.

Don't forget to get the Canadian plan with AT&T if you go and avoid that ridiculous data plan charge of $1/MB by getting a Rogers SIM for data if you can.

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