Ski lust

Things that Dad wants for Christmas (next year!):

  • Armada JJ’s. Although Mark says the Rossignol S7 are great too as does Skiing Magazine. Rockered and reverse cambered. Work on hard pack and the deep powder
  • Bibs.
  • Socks. Seems stupid until you spend 8 hours a day for a week and your dogs hurt. Swear by the Smartwool PhD Light Cushion Ski Socks (large). If only people would stop stealing them! EMS is having a sale. $21 normally but 25% if you buy 4.
  • Low visibility weather goggles. Sturtevants recommended the Oakley’s with the light yellow. Amazing. 

So Skiing magazine doesn’t publish their gear guide 2011 for whatever strange reason, but here are big powder skis:

Rossignol S7

MSRP $900.00
Flotation/Surfability 3.98 / 5
Stability at Speed 3.37 / 5
Forgiveness/Fun 3.46 / 5
Crud Performance 3.74 / 5
Hard Snow Integrity 3.27 / 5



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