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Skiing Magazine has the most complete reviews but makes it all but impossible to find things. No sorting at all on anything, the default appears to be by greatest width to narrowest as if that makes sense and somewhat by date, although 2006 reviews appear quite often which is either a database error or a sort error. In any case, here are high rated skis sorted by width and also a quick opinion from the boards for all purpose powder skis including the Rossignol S7, Gotomas (tails are too stiff for me!) and some others:

Fat Ypus I Rock

One of the most user-friendly powder skis we tested, the I-Rock is the more versatile little brother of the A-lotta. It’s a confidence builder: “This ski made me try to find things to jump off,” said one tester. Intermediates will find it nimble and forgiving; experts will love the big, rockered tip’s planing action and its maneuverability in the trees. For such a fat board, it’s amazingly quick edge to edge. On firm snow, it grips nicely and scribes clean, round turns

Year 2011
Level Expert
Gender Male
Tip/Waist/Tail 158/126/148
MSRP $750.00
Flotation/Surfability 4.14 / 5
Stability at Speed 3.26 / 5
Forgiveness/Fun 3.24 / 5
Crud Performance 3.58 / 5
Hard Snow Integrity 2.66 / 5

Scott USA Mega Dozer

This floaty powder board is compliant, easygoing, and surprisingly adept at carving on firm snow. Lots of rocker at the tip and tail makes smearing easy and also facilitates flow from one turn to the next. The tips remain straight for a few inches before the sidecut begins, a quality that enhances steering. Testers were astounded that such a wide ski could be so versatile and ready to carve. It enjoys being pushed but doesn’t require much work.

Year 2011
Level Expert
Gender Male
Tip/Waist/Tail 141/119/133
MSRP $825.00
Flotation/Surfability 3.93 / 5
Stability at Speed 3.44 / 5
Forgiveness/Fun 3.46 / 5
Crud Performance 3.67 / 5
Hard Snow Integrity 3.05 / 5

Rossignol S7 Freeride

 The fat flagship of Rossi’s AmpTek skis returns with the same crowd-pleasing off-piste agility and groomed-snow ease. Not that you’d ever want to straightline a bump field, but you could do it on the S7. The rockered tip and relatively narrow tail allow you to maintain an athletic, weight-forward position without having to struggle to keep your tips up. Most loved the 186, but big guys should check out the Super S7, a 195-centimeter version with a layer of metal. Also top rated in

Line Prophet 115

Want a floaty powder board that can handle groomed run-outs? The Prophet 115 is a one-ski quiver for those who live with ample, soft snow. Its enormous tip floats well, though the sidecut, which starts early, can be hooky if you’re not paying attention. It’s a charger that bulldozes over crud instead of slicing through it, with a heft best suited to the strong-legged and a preference for wide-open slopes over tight spots.


Year 2011
Level Expert
Gender Male
Tip/Waist/Tail 153/115/142
MSRP $850.00
Flotation/Surfability 3.86 / 5
Stability at Speed 3.74 / 5
Forgiveness/Fun 3.03 / 5
Crud Performance 3.67 / 5
Hard Snow Integrity 2.99 / 5

K2 Sidestash 

As with the smaller HardSide, the SideStash’s rockered tip, traditional camber, and straight, no-kick tail promote easy initiation, grippy edging, and chatter-free tracking. With plenty of floaty surface area and a rockered tip, this board charges wide-open powder and chop without blinking—and the rocker makes it nimble and jumpy in trees and bumps. It’s the perfect tool for sniffing out secret inbound stashes or touring in soft Western snow. Awesomely versatile, it also arcs ripping super G turns on groomed
Year 2011
Level Expert
Gender Male
Tip/Waist/Tail 139/108/127
MSRP $950.00
Flotation/Surfability 3.75 / 5
Stability at Speed 3.84 / 5
Forgiveness/Fun 3.79 / 5
Crud Performance 3.75 / 5
Hard Snow Integrity 3.51 / 5

K2 AMP Aftershock MX 140

The widest ski of K2’s A.M.P. all-mountain series has the same blend of performance and ease as the Charger and Rictor but with the advantages of more girth and more rocker. Except for a rank beginner, nearly any skier could have fun on the Aftershock. But that’s not to say it’s tame—experts will appreciate its smoothly metered power. Effortless turn initiation is followed by powerful edge grip throughout the turn. It’s excellent in groomed snow, bumps, trees, and shallow powder

Year 2011
Level Intermediate
Gender Male
Tip/Waist/Tail 130/186/114
MSRP $1250.00
Flotation/Surfability 2.93 / 5
Stability at Speed 3.79 / 5
Forgiveness/Fun 3.83 / 5
Crud Performance 3.60 / 5
Hard Snow Integrity 3.47 / 5

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