Well time to get back to bicycling. Don’t really want to buy a $10,000 bike, but some cool gear makes sense. Most of the advances in the last few years have been in electronics. Now there is a standard called ANT+ that lets different wireless devices talk to each other. Of course Polar doesn’t use this as they are the largest, but it does mean you can buy a power meter from one company, a heart rate monitor from another and then look at all the data with say a Garmin GPS plotter or even an iPhone. Here’s a rundown thanks to Howie 🙂

  1. First there are the display devices, Garmin 705 has been the workhorse with support for power meters but lists for $499. They just introduced a Garmin 800 which seems to delete one feature (sharing your ride data with other Garmins) which is $449 and probably the right one to get.
  2. Power meters with ANT+ are plentiful, the the Cycleops PowerTap seems the ones that most of my buddies end up using like Hoops and Howie 🙂 The PowerTap SL+ is 402 grams and a cool $1500 in cost!

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