EXIF editing

I’ve been scanning in things like crazy with vuescan and now its time to organize. I do the dumb thing and just put things in folders organized by year, then month then date. So that way I can never lose the information as I do with iPhoto all the time because it forgets where things are and asks a zillion times where is the photo.
But now it would be nice to embedd the information on location and date in the photo itself which is what EXIF does inside each JPG. But editing with iPhoto is pretty cumbersome and Preview doesn’t give you a way to do this. So looking for easy editing tools according to Google and Digital Photo Software:

  • EXIFTool is a command line tool that does this
  • Album Shaper is a graphical tool that does this but hard to find. There is a application called Reveal but only does one application at a time.
  • EXIFSorter is a pretty amazing freeware program. You can rename your files to use EXIF tags like the date rather than just the random IMG1234.JPG that digital cameras provide.

Trying them now.

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