Or breaks as it is plastic, then you have to get your audio out from the 30-pin Iphone connector. Here are the parts you need:

  • A iPhone connector to 3.5mm plug. I can’t find one that is female
  • So you need a female-to-female connector for 3.5mm like Monocable has for $0.47
  • Some cheap headphones like the $2 ones from Monoprice or the Kenan KM-92 Wooden which is $8! and top rated by headfi.com. I actually got them both but haven’t tried the wooden ones yet in particular.
  • Of if you go to headphones.com which have good reviews, either the $50 Denon or the $80 Etymotic are great values for high quality headsets.
  • If you want earbud types because the in the ear don’t fit super well, then headphones.com and head-fi.com like the Yulin PK2 ($80) or if you do then there is the new Etymotic MC-5 (I’ve used the ER-4 and ER-6 with great success)
  • Try Jet City Repair to put a new connector in there for your iPhone which is $50 or so.


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