Current digital photography workflow


Well, folks told me to try lightroom and I will, but for right now using best of breed tools, here is my current workflow:

  1. Shoot in raw and produce .CR2 files
  2. Download to the Mac and put each days worth of .CR2 into a set of folders that are :Year:Year-Month:Year-Month-Date, so that a 14th October 2011 is in :jpg:2011:2011-10:20110-10-14
  3. Use Preview to go through the CR2s and deleted the bad ones
  4. Drag all the CR2s left to the DxO and use the palette raw default v2 (this gives the most neutral color balance, so it will look much less vivid than the standard profile you see from most cameras).
  5. Change the defaults and get rid of noise reduction and DxO lighting for well exposed shots. For shots that are really dark, use DxO lighting. Product .DNG files
  6. Load Photoshop CS5 for each .DNG and use the Noise Ninja application to produce .TIF (ZIP encoded) and .JPG (set to 10 for compression)
  7. The resulting files, i normally suffix as _DXO_nn.jpg and I keep the .TIF files too as these have 16-bit data

For special processing once this is done, there are HDR photos where I take multiple exposures because of high latitude (e.g., sunsets), in this case, I use Photomatix to put it all together, so do the above
Finally there are also

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