Well, the world keeps moving, just when I thought I had a NAS picked out two things changed:
1. The Synology shipped their DSM 3.2 which supports Lion so it is now OK to buy
2. The first 4TB (!!?) drives are now being released and there is a move to 1TB per platter, so it seems like waiting for 4TB is pretty important. With the 5 drive chassis like Synology, that means a raw capacity of 20TB. Wow, my Drobopro now has about 8TB with a mix of 2TB, 1TB and one 750GB drives. So when the 4TB come out, this thing could go to 8x4TB or 32TB raw capacity.
3. HD Homerun Prime. This has been shipping and it now looks like it does support MythTV which runs on the Mac as long as the copy freely is set. This means I should give this a try and probably reduce my Tivo subscriptions to just a single box. I did get a new Tivo Premiere so can use that as the main box for now. The reviews and final looks see good. Also from individual reviewers. And their forums seems to show it will work with MythTV. It also looks like Seattle Comcast has copy freely on the non-premium channels

2 responses to “NAS updates and HD Home run”

  1. patricksan Avatar

    Hi Rich,
    I’ve just read your blog.
    Today I have a DroboPro but it is connect to one mac pro via iSCSI.
    I would like to have some NAS in the front, like Synology DS212+.
    Could you give me your opinion about it? Will it work?
    I know that it would work if I use USB. But I think it may be to slow to Synology access DroboPro via USB.
    The end result that I want is a simple disk in my network without have my computer on all the time AND all the features the the NAS Synology can provide.
    What do you think?

    1. rich Avatar

      Hmmm. It would work to put a sinology on the front end via USB but performance would be not that great. Actually, I’ve found it doesn’t matter that much since most LANs are actually pretty slow. So I’d say that with the Drobo plugged in with iSCSI, you have a great solution for doing high speed video editing and so forth because you are getting 40MBps-60MBps or so at least.
      If you hook it to a sinology then you don’t have to have your computer on, but the performance drops to LAN speeds at best but with USB to the Drobo, you are going to get more like 10-20MBps. So that is good for storing photos and other less cpu intensive things.

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