Noodles. Noodles

Good noodles places in Seattle courtesy of the Seattle times.
Ba bar. Capitol hill. Bang Hoi heaven. Hue dumplings handmade. 550 12 Ave. 206-328-2030
Il corvo. Hillclimb. The best lunch pasta ever.
Northwest tofu. Central district. Tofu noodles. Yum! 1913 S Jackson.
Ting momo. Tibetan dumpling. Yum! Southlake union. 310 Terry Ave.
Perche No. Try the Mac and cheese. 1319 N 49th.
Caravan Kebab. Russian dumplings. 9711 Firsdale. Edmonds.
Thai One On. Great Thai in lake city way. 12343 Lake City Way ne
Chiangs Gourmet. Maple Leaf. Taiwan dim sum. 7845 lake city way ne
Spicy talk bistro. Sichuan spicy noodles. Yum! Redmond. 16650 Redmond way.
Showa. Japanese noodles. Fremont. 701 N 36th
Mike’s Noodle House. Chinese soup noodles. Sui Kai dumplings. Yum! 418 Maynard Ave S.
Hae-nam Kalbi & Calamari. Korean soup dumplings. 15001 aurora ave n. shoreline.
Revel. Wallingford. New age Korean noodles. 403 N 36th
Cafe Juanita. Fancy and wonderful. Kirkland. 9702 NE 120th pl
Staple & Fancy Mercantile. 4739 Ballard Ave NW
And places we’ve tried that r great…
Samurai noodles. Capitol hill. Amazing samurai armor with tonkatsu. isakaya showa.
La Medusa. Italian fresh noodles. Columbia city
Cafe Lago. Their lasagna is amazing. I agree! Montlake.
Book Bindery. Amazing fresh ad the view is terrific.
Monsoon. Capitol hill. Try the pho here!
Din tai Fung. Belsquare. Decent Xiao long Bao.

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