Well I supposed it had to happen, I’m getting a print head error on the venerable 8 year old Canon i9900, so what can I do. A new printhead is $125 which we can get as, so what are the other options…well here are some ideas. And this actually did work.
I did a little digging and combined two solutions that fixed my problem:
1) I pulled the print head and powered off the printer.
2) I then went through the process of resetting the code for waste tank cleaning.The reset code also sets your printer to new out of the box:
A) With the printer powered off, hold down the resume button and press the power button.
B) While holding down the power button, release the resume button and press the resume button twice in succession.
Now release the power button. The indicator will blink in green and remain lit in green.
C) Press resume 4 times (Green) for Waste ink counter reset.
D) press the power button. The printer will switch itself off after performing the function.
3) Next, I followed the advise of someone who had the same problem on another Canon printer. He figured that the the contact points might have become slightly oxidized:
QUOTE “Since removing and installing the print head caused the error message, I decided to focus on a bad connection condition. From years of electronic repair experience, a number of problems can be caused due to a poor connection. I made sure that the gold pads on the print head were clean. I used the eraser from a brand new pencil to clean them up. I also *carefully* used the eraser head to clean the wire finger connections on the sliding carriage, where the print head makes contact. NOTE: these fingers are very delicate; I used a “downward motion” of the eraser moving across the wires to gently clean them. The idea here is to remove the slightest film of oxidation to enable a clean connection between the finger wires and the print head contacts.”
4) I popped in the head and all the frustration went away. It’s now working! Hope this helps you others…

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