Going to Canada

Well, with AT&T, for $10 incremental a month, you can get free Canada calling, but be careful the texting and the data are expensive. Make sure to call AT&T and get your phone internationally enabled. Their page is really complicated but when you go overseas, here is what you have to do:

  1. Sign up for an international voice plan. You can do this online. Do it before you go or if you forget as soon as you can find a web browser.
  2. Sign up for an international text plan. They have a global messaging plan
  3. Sign up for an international data plan. This is optional, but you want it because you can use it instead of the very expensive texting plans.
  4. Sign up for the regular unlimited text plan.

When you return, you have to reset everything. AT&T allows you to change plan a day at a time so this is realy cost effective. One confusing thing is that with the US plan, there is a special $30 plan that gives you any mobile to any mobile calling with unlimited messaging, but not with Canada, so you have to reselect thatl.
With Verizon, the situation is a little stranger, the texting plan works there so you don’t need to spend anything extra and for an extra $10/month, you can get calling. Net, net, in Canada on Verizon text like crazy. Will be interesting to see if the phone needs to be activated to work there.

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