Apple announcements

I admit it, I was a nerd watching macrumors board cast a live blow by blow of the Apple keynote. Some things from the WWDC:

  • Drool, drool, the new MacBook Pro with Retina (wow those product names are getting to be a handful). 768GB of flash plus 16GB of main memory will set you back with Applecare a cool $2800. Just figuring out how I can justify one!
  • iOS 6. I like their logos and new map application looks very good, but for me the new photostream sharing is totally key to getting iPads to work for the grandparents like photoalbums 🙂 The new passbook is a pretty cool idea too. Basically wallet++ and it is open too.
  • Mountain Lion. Only $20 for all the personal machines you have. Feature-wise, the biggest one looks like this iCloud thingy but am not sure.

finally, I always like to look at the Apple design awards. Nothing like learning about style:


Jetpack Joyride 
National Parks by National Geographic 
Where’s my Water? 


Bobo Explores Light 
DM1 the Drum Machine 


DeusEx: Human Revolution 


Little Star 

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