Wow, I now have a wonderful tiny box which is the Fit-PC2i. I haven’t run a non-Mac machine in something like 4 years and it is so embarassing. Here are some notes to use it:

  1. There is no manual included in the box, so you have to go online
  2. This comes without an SSD. you open the little slot and there is a strange 5.5mm hex spacer that you have to remove, then put an SSD in, you have to find 
  3. The thing defaults to booting from a USB Key, you can check this by holding the F2 key down (btw if you are trying to use this without any operating system, then CTRL-ALT-DEL just reboots and it goes into PXE boot from the network and loops forever, to stop this you have to press and HOLD the F2 key while you turn the machine on to get to the BIOS boot menu)
  4. The next step is to figure out how to make a Linux boot key with a Mac. John says this is impossible. But a quick search shows there is a utility called unetbootin which runs on the Mac and does automatic downloads of Linux ISO and pushed them to a USB Key. Pretty neat. Anything with an ISO by the way, supposedly the Disk Utility can create, but I’ve found it is very hard for it to make Windows boot disks. Not sure about Linux yet.

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