Well, we’ve been working hard on getting the kit from Puget Systems to work. It is for true experts so needlesstosay, the instructions for it are pretty unclear as is the parts list and so forth, so here is a guide for dummies who want to build from it as we collect it. This assumes by the way that you have all the parts you need for your actual computer
Order Check List
It is really unclear what the exact parts that you need are to get a computer running with this. Because even if you order the kit, you need still more stuff like a PC, but also fans etc. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere a complete list of what you would need. So assuming you are building a really fast gaming PC, here’s the check list and some guides:

  1. Puget Systems Aquarium. Currently in V4, this is a drop ship from Puget. They are very fast with 1-day UPS and easy online ordering. This gives you the aquarium itself, a chassis for holding your components (kind of like a case) which you have to assemble, the various hoses, a radiator. But this isn’t all you need. There is a small page of additional stuff, but listed below are the essentials.
  2. Mineral Oil. You need 6-12 gallons of mineral oil. They have a deal for $120 to order this online, but for some reason it isn’t on the kit page. You want medical grade oil.

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