Goodbye Tivo

Well of the four TiVo boxes I’ve had, three are now dead or dying with hardware issues. The hard drives on these things are just not that reliable. I sure wish they had SSDs. In any case, Comcast has definitely caught up quite a bit with programming of their Motorola boxes via the web and iPhone apps. Our Tivo Premiere has been down since the summer with hangs and so forth and we’ve gotten along well with the Comcast DVR.
And if I can get MythTV running properly against the HD HomeRun Prime, then that is an even better solution (but I can’t get mysql running via macports). so that is another story!
We are down to a single box now that is an old Series 3. I gather from reading the web, the Series 3 is the most reliable. We will see. 
Of course TiVo makes it incredibly hard to cancel. You have to call on the phone and with a 1 year commitment, even if the box is dead, you still get to pay $14 a month until it is done. While I might understand this for a cell phone, in this case, it just seems terrible. Their hardware is broken and really shouldn’t be.

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