So I got a Foswell PTZ camera to try for $130 or so from Amazon will report on that. The IZon is working just oK, it needs something for low light is the main issue. But up at the $600 range are some pretty interesting products particularly those that are ceiling mounted and that can see 360 or 180 degrees. CCPros has:

  • GeoVision GV-FER521. $620 on Amazon, this is 5MP and i a fisheye lense system and includes sound detection. The reviews do say that the software is incredibly immature from GeoVision (you can’t use it with their GV-eye on IOS) and the various detection software doesn’t work either. They look like the same camera as the Axis. Also does POE. It is a 1/2″ sensor so pretty big.
  • Axis M3007-PV. This is another 5MP sensor with either 360 or 180 degree panoramic views. $601 from B&H. 1/3.2″ sensor.
  • Arecent Vision AV12186DN. These guys are doing truly high-end sensor with multiple cameras. These things look truly expensive with 12MP and Wide Dynamic Range  with 180 degree panoramic. B&H Photo Video has this for $1.8K with their older model a 4x5MP camera which is their AV20185 line

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