While there are many review sites for photography on the web, a few have the detailed technical specifications that a true wonk wants (Needs?!). Here’s a good list from lensrental.com and if you are a true geek if you know the sharpness of a lense you can correct for this in digital post producting. So you apply less sharpening at the center of the lens and more at the edges
LensRentals.com – Sharpening Maps and Masks

This kind of information is easy to find. DxoMark has nice graphs for each lens that show distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, and resolution at various focal lengths and apertures for each lens they test. SLRgear.com has a nice pop-up app that shows the resolution across the field of the lens at various apertures and focal lengths.  The Digital Picture has great pop-ups that let you compare two lenses side-by-side for flare, distortion, vignetting and even images of ISO 12233 crops.

LensRentals.com – Sharpening Maps and Masks

Uwe Steinmueller at OutbackPhoto.net and I have been doing a series of articles trying to show how a little gear head knowledge and a little post-processing knowledge compliment each other and help make better images, and this is a great opportunity for that. Uwe’s article and action for corner sharpening, provide a nice photographic demonstration of how sharpening with a mask improves your end result, and a nice script with an adjustable mask.

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