3D IMAX vs Real 3Di

I’ve always thought that IMAX was better in the non 3d world and normally go there then cinerama but with IMAX 3d in regular theaters I’m wondering.
Here is what folks say about a 3D comparison. Basically in commercials 3d it sort of depends.
Some of the IMAX are absolutely huge like the pacific science center but at Thornton plaza the IMAX screen is much smaller. Moreover, for traditional theaters that is real3d users it turns out it depends because some theaters use 4k projectors and some use 2k. IMAX 3d uses a pair of 2k projectors so is going to be brighter normally. But obviously a real 3d using 2k will be dimmer while a 4k will be brighter.
Net net if u really care u actually have to figure out which theater uses what! But in general IMAX uses a larger screen so should be lot immersive although sensitive to head movement.

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