Well real cases go for thousands, but if you want something that gets you down to snorkel depth, try it and the main thing it needs is a filter kit to take care of the loss of red at that depth and of course, how do you make the touchscreen go while underwater 🙂
Sony DSC-RX100 goes Under The Sea! | SonyAlphaLab.com | Sony DSLR Reveiws, Alpha, Nex, SLT, Cyber-Shot, Sony Lens Reviews

To embark upon exploration of this new frontier I’ve been using the OverBoard Waterproof Zoom Lens case [OB1103BLK]. While this essentially looks like a zip-lock bag with a lens port moulded to the front, don’t be fooled – it is a 100% waterproof camera case guaranteed by the manufacturer to remain watertight when submerged to depths greater than 6-metres (19-feet).

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