Seems like everyone is doing reading on electronics now. So the question is what is the best reader. In looking at reviews, for general purpose tablets, it does look like the ipad mini is a great form factor.
The main issue is that the ipad mini 2 is coming out probably in September so it is a lot to lay down $329 only to see it obsolete at the end of the summer.
For budget folks, the kindle paperwhite at $119 is pretty hard to beat for a dedicated reader. The screen use e-ink so works super well in bright sunlight. And it is wifi only but that doesn’t seem to be much of a barrier as downloading a book is pretty easy at home or wherever.
And of course it’s battery will last for weeks. In terms of accessories, wirecutter points out that you don’t want to spend $25 on a $120 product, so the $10 Fintie is a good choice. It has the magnetic lock, so it turns off the kindle automatically when you close it.
On screen protectors, we haven’t found our Kindles to be really vulnerable to scratches, so there is a debate as to whether you need a screen protector. Particularly if you have a cover for it.

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