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I've been using Bluehost for a long time and it seems reliable, but the prices have been moving up. I just did a comparison vs GoDaddy for grins and domain registration is 30% more expensive ($13 vs $10) and hosting is about double $9.95 vs. 4.95 a month. These are all nominal amounts, but it seems like a good time to do a comparison as the features of Bluehost (unlimited web sites, unlimited storage) have been pretty much duplicated by others. So here are some reviews:

  • Godaddy. They are huge (and Blake is over there now!). Their prices are low $10 for domains is pretty great and there are always discounts and things. So probably good to transfer over there. About half of my domains are over there anyway and their software has got *alot* easier to use. About a $3 a domain savings (that adds up when you have a bunch of them like 30 plus or about $30 x $3/year - $90)
  • Synthesis, VPS.Net and WestHosts. Bluehost used to have the most seamless around. But looking at others, there seem to be quite a few. Yoast likes Synthesis and as seconds likes VPS.net and WestHosts. The main thing here is that they are blogger hosters for bloggers. Then there is vps.net which offers you real virtual hosts that you can play with and setup. Finally westhost.com is for the simpler sites that don't need lots of virtualization in different locations. Beware that folks offer people on the internet up to $150 a signup so most reviews are bogus. He makes WestPress SEO which is a pretty amazing package and I like the fact he discloses he makes money on the links in the post.These are more expensive than Godaddy as they are for real users and for me, not having unlimited data is a real bummer as I use bluehost as a backup location for things.

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