Earning miles

Well,  here are some things I didn’t know:
Mileage Plus Shopping
If you go to the Mileageplusshopping.com, you can register up to five credit cards (it doesn’t have to be just a United card), then if you click through that site, you get to double dip by getting additional miles as well. For instance REI has a 2 miles per dollar. So if you spend say $500 at REI, then you get 1,000 United Miles (worth about 2.5 cents per mile or $25!) and if you use your REI credit card, you also get a 5% discount as well. Woohoo!
Also theoretically, if you use these cards while you shop at those stores in a real location, you should get credit. This only works for a small set of retailers. Non interesting as far as I see for me.
Some of the interesting stores that you can click through include (at least for me):

  • REI.com. 2 miles per dollar for online orders.
  • Godaddy.com. Some amazing deals here although the amounts are small, but big multipliers
  • Abe’s of Maine, ABT Electronics, Beach Camera, Newegg, Crutchfield, MacMall. All good electronics sellers.
  • Blue Nile
  • Drugstore.com
  • Nordstrom.com
  • eBags.com
  • Golfsmith and The Golf Warehouse. Also sign up for their rebate program 🙂
  • iTunes.com
  • Overstock.com
  • Giftcertificate.com and restaurants.com
  • Tirerack.com. Great place for performance tires
  • Campmor, Camping World

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