More cues that we could soon see a/two new Canon EOS M camera(s). The latest rumor suggests that Canon could announce an entry level and a more feature-rich EOS M body at the same time. The more pro oriented body should be available with some interesting accessories, as an EVF and a new flash CanonWatch | Canon Rumors and News CanonWatch

In the future M43 lineups will be:
OM-D Series: For pro/advanced amateur, therefore E-M5 will have a successor.
PEN Series: E-PX is for simple and stylish advanced users. E-PLX is meant for beginners. E-PMX is for simple and stylish beginners. 43 Rumors

He said that there is almost one stop improvement compared with the E-M5. It means ISO 800 on the E-M1 looks like ISO 400 on the Olympus E-M5. 43 Rumors

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