It's Raining…Jackets


Well now that it is really pouring, time to see what the right jackets are:

  • Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer. You have to see this rain jacket to believe it. Weighs just a few ounces. Expensive at $165, but wow, what a think to carry in your pack.
  • Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket. They put water proofing on a lightweight down jacket and it has a hood. The only REI complaint is that it is baggy at the bottom. Strange fit. Also it isn't super durable because it is so light.
  • Mountain Hardware Keplar. Kind of a miracle, this is a waterproof soft shell jacket, so comfortable. The main issues are a boxy fit and it is heavy (1 lb, 7 oz).
  • Mountain Hardware Ampato. This gets great recommendations interestingly enough.

For woman

  • Mountain Hardware
  • Mountain Hardware Plasmic. This is a light shell, the reviews say it builds up perspiration more than most, but otherwise is great.

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